Centre Management Software

Centre Management gives you the insights and data you need. The online software provides you even with information that you would have never thought of.
Powerful, complete and easy to use.

Features standard available:

✔ Powerful management reports
✔ Document signing
✔ Managing visual merchandising
✔ Create POS Materials
✔ Agenda management
✔ News Communications
✔ Weather measurements
✔ Integration with online learning tools like Moodle
✔ API for interfacing with external systems
✔ Contract management
✔ Lease management

Powerful reports:

✔ Weekly Shop Reports
✔ Weekly Sales Reports
✔ WTD Sales Reports
✔ YTD Sales Reports
✔ Ranking Report Stores
✔ Ranking Report Management
✔ Turnover Rent Reports
✔ KPI Reports
✔ Store Competition Stores
✔ Store Competition Management

Ranking lists:

✔ Ranking sales per m2
✔ Ranking visitors
✔ Ranking conversion
✔ Units per transaction

Customization options:

✔ Custom reports
✔ Custom features
✔ Member Cards
If you need custom reports or functionality added, we build them optional for you.